It simply means you ARE interested in getting together with your co-workers to sit down and negotiate your terms and conditions of employment with your employer on equal footing with management.

This card will be used to secure Union recognition and collective bargaining rights. Initiation fees are waived for all current employees and no dues will be paid until your first contract has been accepted.

The card is kept strictly confidential by the IAM and the National Labor Relations Board (U.S. Government). Your employer will NOT know you signed a card unless you tell them.

You ARE protected by federal law (National Labor Relations Act), if you want to sign a IAM card.

You are NOT giving up your individual right to deal with your supervisors on day-to-day issues and problems.

You are NOT required to pay any fees or dues to the IAM by signing a card. There are no dues until you and your co-workers vote on an acceptable contract.

You are NOT taking a stand against the company or being disloyal by signing a card.

Here are the facts about signing a IAM Card: THIS IS NOT A MEMBERSHIP CARD

Note: If your employers’ name is not listed, and you would like information about forming a Union at your workplace, feel free to use the form found here and we will be glad to assist you.